Original ayurvedic Ghee from Ayurveda Foods

Original ayurvedic Ghee from Ayurveda Foods

Ayurveda Foods organic Ghee is an original ayurvedic Ghee and is a special product made from the fat of a particular butter. It is created in the ancient Indian tradition to help keep you healthy and is the ideal combination of saturated and unsaturated fats – guaranteed!

Whether you bake, fry or cook it – Ghee gives your food that something spezial along with the healthy background knowledge of ayurveda. It also makes an excellent spread for breads!

Original ayurvedic organic Ghee also offers a number of healthy properties to assist your constitution.

Ghee is also the perfect alternative for people with lactose intolerance, because it is lactose free.

Organic Ghee from Ayurveda Foods is an ideal way to put the ayurvedan philosophy of life into your day to day living. This makes having a long-lasting healthy diet easy to do!