Seal of quality

Our products are produced with the best organic quality. Along with that production comes through stringent rules and controls from the certified organic control department EG-Öko-Verordnung.

The German organic Seal:

The German organic Seal:  The German organic seal, with which products and groceries are licensed, complies with the European Organic certification criteria. Like all seals of quality, the organic seal (which was established in September 2001) offers help to the consumer. With the ongoing popularity of the seal in Germany the neighbouring Countries are following suit, esp. France.

The European organic seal labels products which are manufactured to the criteria of European organic regulation. Only food which fulfills the strict criteria of organic cultivation and genetic engineering carries this seal.

Consequently, food with the organic seal belongs to the highest worldwide standard of secured food law. The EU organic seal is so effective that many NON-EU countries have changed their food laws to align with the European Organic Seal.