The advantages of Ayurveda

Ayurveda translated means „Wisdom of Life“ and is a traditional Indian way of life.

It is the key to a healthy and balanced life through a holistic concentration of important physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual characteristics.


Dosha is a important concept in Ayurveda and identifies the three different energies of life:  Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which give people their individual constitution and regulates their bodily and mental function. Every person is born according to their own constitution (Prakriti), i.e. everyone is born with a mixture of these three Doshas. This constitution is defined by the parents at the time of conception and other factors.

At the time of birth the defined constitution gives every person the individual standard of a balanced state.

In Ayurveda the goal is to maintain the balanced state of Prakriti. When one doesn’t feel well the Ayurveda will look into one’s constitution to see which Dosha is out of balance and will try to put the Doshas back in balance.

Besides the science of nutrition there are a number of further central elements of Ayurveda: Massage and cleaning techniques, spiritual Yoga as well as Indian plant science. The knowledge of these fields was developed through thousands of years of practical knowledge.

With the rapid increase in popularity of Yoga in the western world, now is the right time for ayurvedic principals and foods to become a part of our everyday life.

So you can also balance your lifestyle through a trouble-free body, mind and soul.